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Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation was organized and composed of seasoned coders and responsible personnel from Medical Coding Industry with the common vision and commitment to produce excellent work and to provide competent and efficient Medical Coding services at a shortest possible turn-around time and at very reasonable rates. Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation will help our clients to facilitate reimbursement with their medical claims as we comply with ICD-9 guidelines for coding, CPT-4 AMA guidelines and CCI Correct Coding Initiatives. As Manipha Global firmly adheres to the HIPAA compliance requirements, it shall strictly observe full confidentiality and privacy.

In pursuance to this commitment to clients, Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation employs highly trained, disciplined and competent personnel who can produced timely and accurately coded medical billings.

The Company is pleased to offer Medical Billing/Coding services under the following environment.

Work-Load Capacity:

Our Medical Coders can code an average of 400-500 reports a day depending on the multi-specialty. We are continuously accepting applicants for our manpower pooling to be able to assure our readiness to accept ramped up load in a shorter period of notice.

Work Schedule:

Operation can be 24/7. We are working two (2) time shifts but may be restructured to meet the preference of clients, either by prior agreement or reasonable prior notice.

Guaranteed Turn Around Time:

Our High Quality Medical Coding services will satisfy your needs. Different turn around time options is available to suit your needs.

Quality Assurance:

The format and Standards required by the client shall be followed. Our Coders have undergone training from US coding Specialist. Well-trained and experienced in Medical Coding work, Company personnel satisfactorily meet the Quality Assurance set guidelines.


Confidentiality of the information obtained from the client is strictly protected, and all of the employees are continually briefed on the rules and procedures to be observed in respecting and protecting the privacy of Medical Records of the Patients. Our Company is HIPAA compliance.

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