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Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation

Buyagan Poblacion
(Town Proper), La Trinidad,
Benguet 2601, Philippines

Tel./Fax : (+63) 0929 7404 778

Medical Billing Services

Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation Billing providing full claims management services to medical professionals and group practices since 2007. Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation medical billing services encompass the entire reimbursement cycle from claim submission to collection.

Electronic Medical Claims Submission SystemManipha Global Outsourcing Corporation submits medical claims electronically to all accepting insurance companies, including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and TRICARE/CHAMPUS. We are familiar to any kind of billing software.

Claims Tracking and Follow-up of DenialsManipha Global Outsourcing Corporation conducts all of the necessary follow-up for claims - researching and reviewing unpaid and denied claims in order to ensure maximum insurance reimbursement.

Payment and Adjustment PostingManipha Global Outsourcing Corporation utilizes electronic claims and ERA to speed process of payment and postings.

Coding (CPT,ICD-9, and HCPS) - We provide CPT and HCPCS coding and ICD coding services. Our coders are highly proficient and well-trained by US coding Specialist.

Patient Demographics Entry - This is a process wherein patient information is collected from the patient at the time of entry at the practice and entered to any billing software. This would include Patient's Name, Present Address, City, State, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Employer Details, Insurance Details like Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, and guarantor information.

Charge Entry - Charge-entry is one of the key departments in Medical Billing. A Charge-entry person has one other vital role to perform that is, to look-up the codes entered in the claim, and to assign the relevant charges for those codes. This is also one of the key functions in Medical Billing as there should not be any up billing done by assigning an incorrect charge for the codes. Likewise, he does a commendable job by entering all the relevant information needed, and creates a claim ready for auditing, and then for transmission to the insurance company.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up - Our Accounts Receivable follow-up protocols and procedures have been designed and time tested to assure that each and every account is followed-up on in a timely and professional manner. No more untimely filings, questionable adjustments or unnecessary waiting. Our Medical Billing Specialists are extremely familiar with the current State and Federal Insurance regulations and strive to obtain high rates of return from their Follow-up efforts.

Services Offered

  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Patient Demographics Entry
  • Charge Entry / Payment posting Electronic Encrypted
  • Claim Submission Primary and Secondary Billing
  • Denials/rejections analysis, Re-billing
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-up
  • Monthly Status Report
  • A/R Follow - Up Report


HIPAA Compliance

  • All work are done in a secure location.
  • Printing of documents are strictly prohibited
  • Every door is doubled locked and provided with additional steel reinforcement.
  • 24-hr security personnel are on the rounds.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed in the server, which is an enclosed restricted area.
  • Our servers are configured with firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware protection softwares.
  • All workstations are password protected and their CDROMs, floppy drives, and USBs are removed to ensure confidential security.
  • Restricted internet access on employees.
  • File transfer is done through email or Secured FTP Server (128-bit SSL encryption).
  • Employees are trained on HIPAA compliance and security matters.
  • Confidentiality agreements were signed by all employees and Managers.
  • Cellphones, cameras, bags, and all other personal items are prohibited at the workplace.


ICT Facilities

  • Backup Power Source
  • - Company-owned generator (7100W max output)
  • - Company power supply:
  • - 650VA UPS on servers
  • - 500VA UPS on workstations


Internet Connection

  • Primary
  • - 24/7 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
  • - Rating up to 2.5Mbps / 768Kbps (downstream/upstream).
  • Backup
  • - 24/7 DSL type.
  • - Rating up to 1Mbps / 768Kbps (downstream/upstream).

Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation

Buyagan Poblacion
(Town Proper), La Trinidad,
Benguet 2601, Philippines

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