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Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation

3rd Floor D&L Bldg.
A-02 Poblacion
(Town Proper), La Trinidad,
Benguet 2601, Philippines

Tel./Fax : (0016374) 422-1759

Medical Transcription

We offer our services to just about every domain of medical practice. We offer excellent quality transcription service products at competitive rates. Our medical transcription accuracy is better than 99.5% and turn-around time are flexible according to your needs. We are well equipped to support 4-6 hour TATs upon request.Our experienced transcriptionists are knowledgeable in all areas of medicine and have an average of over 8 years of experience. Our transcription work is superior and completely accurate and of legal quality.

General Transcription

General Transcription is a very specialized field which requires specialists in each industry for which the transcriptions are done. Our services reach out to the different categories of transcription needs generated by today’s business world in its day to day operations. Our vast knowledge has rendered us an incomparable expertise in fulfilling all General Transcription needs. We can give you quality transcripts with a high level of accuracy for your focus group discussions, interviews and meetings, seminars, lectures, general events, teleconferences and more. Our team comprises skilled, professional transcriptionists and quality control staff who can deliver high quality, error-free work.

Off-Line Captioning

Offline captioning is the process of adding captions to a television program after the program has been filmed or taped resulting precise transcripts shown on the screen. Our team is composed of most experienced and knowledgeable employees to deliver high quality and cost effective outsource captioning services.

Legal Transcription

We offer the most accurate and confidential legal transcription service available. We have a team of dedicated legal secretaries experienced in all areas of law. The responsiveness and flexibility of our legal transcription team has made Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation one of the fastest growing companies in this market segment. We provide a cost effective outsourced transcription service across the legal spectrum, not only for lawyers but also for others in the legal field and it comes at a fraction of the cost of an in-house secretarial staff.

Manipha Global Outsourcing Corporation

3rd Floor D&L Bldg. A-02 Poblacion
(Town Proper), La Trinidad,
Benguet 2601, Philippines

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